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  • Everlasting Covenant
    Everlasting Covenant
    Only a handful of people did not give into the tremendous societal pressure to do evil, but remained faithful to...
  • Do NOT be Surprised at This!
    Do NOT be Surprised at This!
    “Do not be surprised at this: for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will...
  • Conscience
    Every single person born has this innate knowledge automatically within them; a clear standard by which you can judge yourself....


The views expressed on the "3 Eternal Destinies of Man" website reflect those of the Twelve Tribes communities. The Twelve Tribes communities are a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of many self-governing communities.

By communities, we mean multiple families and single people living together in homes and on farms in many locations around the world for the sole purpose of doing the will of God. We are disciples of Yahshua the Son of God and live the pattern of the early church as described in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Testaments. We love one another, sharing all things in common that we would be made perfectly one. Come and See!

"To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the devious you show yourself shrewd. You save the humble but bring low those whose eyes are haughty." ~Psalm 18:25-26
"Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your deeds. Your deeds form your habits. Your habits set your character, and your character determines your Eternal Destiny..."