There are many ways a person can fit into the category of the “Unjust” : by injuring or hurting others, by being unfaithful or treacherous in his business dealings, or by being dishonest. Lying, deceit, greed, laziness, and slander are some of the characteristics of those whom God considers unjust. People who may fall into doing these things once or twice aren’t unjust, but those who practice them are. The unjust are chameleons. Many who appear to be quite respectable in society are, in fact, unjust.
Lying — this is an outstanding characteristic of the unjust. Some professions capitalize on lies and deceit. Somewhere, a lawyer defends the guilty and defames the innocent for money. A judge favors the guilty for a bribe. A journalist slanders men in authority and ruins their reputation, all to advance his own career. Some exaggerate and sensationalize facts to sell papers. They sway public opinion to fit their agenda. But, what about their victims? What would be justice for someone who deliberately ruined other people’s lives?
What is to be said about those who live on welfare, but are able to work? They are leeching off society, and often condemning the system that feeds them. Are they not unjust?
Cowards also fall into this category. The most outstanding example of the cowardly is someone who hears the good news of Yahshua’s sacrifice and rejects His generous offer of forgiveness and eternal life. They love the darkness more than the light because their deeds are evil.
Rejecting Yahshua and refusing to drink the water of life (to receive His Spirit) is such a serious sin that it is named first among the sins that make one worthy of the eternal sea of fire.
They will be unjust still… forever and ever…