Have you ever seen a Rainbow?

Rainbow-DrawnEvery now and then we get an awesome treat. After a mid-day thunder shower when the elements are just right, up in the sky, something special appears. As the sunlight cuts through the clouds an almost surreal image appears —
a multi-colored bow arched up over the earth, hinting of an unseen spiritual realm. Have you ever seen a rainbow?
Have you ever wondered what the significance of the rainbow is? It was established as a sign of God’s love toward all living things on the earth.1Genesis 9:16-17 The earth and its entire population had been destroyed by a flood because of their great wickedness. Their thoughts were set on evil continually and the earth was filled with violence.2Genesis 6:5-12 Only a handful of people did not give into the tremendous societal pressure to do evil, but remained faithful to the instinctive knowledge of good and evil that was in their conscience.3Genesis 3:22
After the flood, God commanded them to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with righteousness.4Genesis 9:1 He also made a covenant with them and all the human race to follow. Obeying this covenant would insure a healthy society, abandoning it would pollute the earth again.
The sacredness of human life was established, murder condemned, and capital punishment given to the governments to carry out.5Genesis 9:5-6
The rainbow was placed in the sky as a sign of this everlasting covenant that God was making with mankind. It would be there for all future generations to look at and remember the destruction that would come about through breaking that covenant.6Isaiah 24:5-6
Today it is just like it was in the days of Noah.7Matthew 24:37-39 Men and women are eating, drinking, and enjoying an unprecedented boom in the economy. People everywhere are coming under the societal pressure of the day to abandon morality and conscience for a life of ease and pleasure. Traditional values are being replaced by a new “morality” — murderers are allowed to live, the covenant of marriage is endangered, and sexual immorality is endorsed and applauded. But what about this sign of the rainbow?
The earth is becoming polluted by it’s inhabitants because
they are breaking the everlasting covenant.8Numbers 35:33 This is doing more to destroy the planet than anything else. The warning signs for the end of our society are present all around us. Will anyone acknowledge them?
As in the days of Noah, the God of Creation is preparing
a ship that will carry all those on board into a new age where righteousness dwells. This time it is not a literal boat but a nation of people who have surrendered everything to see the purpose of their Creator accomplished on the earth. This nation is made up of ordinary people who have been forgiven for the ways that they once suppressed their conscience. Now they are learning how to love one another.
The rainbow stands as an everlasting reminder of the Creator’s kind intentions toward mankind. It also tells of the looming judgement that will come to everyone who practices evil. To this day, men and women everywhere have the privilege of looking up into the sky after the rain to see that spectacular sign. Next time the sun shines through the clouds and casts the colored arch over the earth, consider the true message of the rainbow…


Scriptural References and Other Footnotes[+]